Community Development

Despite the good intentions of most ministries and religious organizations, these effects have not been measured properly nor the opinion of the intended recipients taken into account. Dr. Robert Lupton addresses this in his book, "Toxic Charity." Giving to those in need what they could be gaining from their own initiative may well be the kindest way to destroy people. The distribution of food to the poor does not solve the lack of employment and unfortunately it only creates dependency.

Have you ever seen or been asked…

— Same community members gathering for activities and always asking for stuff.

— The community has not changed at all after many visits and investment.

— Dependency pattern from locals to foreigners.

— Inexistence of bonds with one specific community.

— About the work of your supported institution with no previous advise?

— About hidden fees?

— What community members will do without you? Are they self-sufficients? What they have done without your support?

— How your organization will have greater impact: hosting foreign volunteers or hiring local workers?

— Are your activities focused to impact all the community or just a specific part of it?

— If your activities are focused on long term benefits?

How Cultural Immersion Trip is different?

• C-IT is composed of professional Nicaraguans with strong bonds to Ministries and Local/Foreign organizations that are doing a new approach from a local perspective.

• C-IT proposes, develops, executes and supervises projects based on core aspects that are not taken in count by others organizations.

• In order to reach goals, benefit the whole community(ies) and make projects' impact greater all our work is adjusted to the reality of Nicaraguans living in different circumstances.

• To maintain long term benefits of project C-IT supervise all the aspects involved. Once projects are finished a follow up is completed to detect any fundamental weaknesses and strenghten our approach.

• When C-IT develops projects, we take in count the opinion of key people in the community. This allow us to compile more information and forcast the future of the project.

• C-IT goal is intended to be an example to other entities. Teaching about the reality of the country in different aspects: social, economic, geographic, history and more…

Our philosophy of work

Don't do for the less fortunate what they can do for themselves, but empower them through education, training, tools and most important well remunerated works, focus on their skills and capacities; so that they can really thrive and vanquish their limitations. In this way all efforts will be efficient, measurable and effective.

C-IT Projects

• School and Clinics Improvements: Support Governmental Entities to do their Job in a better way.

• Education programs: Sponsor a Professional.

• Sponsorship programs: To specific people in communities.

• Water Filter System program: Purified water for people that lacks of this vital resource.

• Donations: Equipment and other important items to your local organization of choice.

• International Research: Lectures, research and cultural immersion trips.