Who We Are


To coordinate and implement social, cultural and touristic activities to facilitate a unique experience for tourist and a source of income for locals so that the exchange can be more fruitful for both parties involved.


To be the standard company in carrying out activities oriented to enhance the life of Nicaraguans through empowerment and provide a better understanding of Nicaragua for tourists.


Expertise area

Tourism: training, education, consulting, research and logistic, planning and management of tourism projects.

Mrs. Bolaños obtained her bachelor´s degree in tourism at UNAN-León, She immediately began working for a tourism company. Later she worked for a non-profit organization until she got a position as a professor at UNAN León, where she currently works as the Head Of The Department Of Tourism.

Mrs. Bolaños got a Master’s degree in “Tourism and Development”, Her native language is Spanish but she studied English and French which has allowed her to work as a tourism expert in the international project Vocational Training and Sustainable Tourism (Funded by the European Union), as a consultant for: Evaluation of the project LORO TRIPS (funded by Salzburg, Austria) and the Sectorial study about the touristic management of cultural heritage of the historical center of the city of Leon (Funded by Comune di Pontedera, Italy), among other projects.

Through her work she has had the opportunity to travel to countries such as: Costa Rica, Guatemala, Ecuador, Spain, Morocco and The Gambia, which has granted her a wider vision of the development of tourism in different social and economic realities. Moreover, these opportunities have allowed her to identify better alternatives in the development of strategies for a sustainable tourism for Nicaragua.


Expertise area

Community development, Mission, Tourism: Coordination, guiding, consulting and logistics and written / oral translation.

Obtained a bachelor´s degree in English and a second bachelor´s degree in Tourism at UNAN Leon. For the last ten years, he has worked as a freelance tour guide all around Nicaragua, sharing the culture and history of Nicaragua.

Mr. Hernandez has had the opportunity to work as interpreter for different international organizations on topics related to prevention of disasters, global warming, community development, others, as well as faith based organizations, allowing him to better understand the needs of the communities and appropriate interactions with them. These experiences provided him the information needed to co-author of "The Blind Side of Missions", which Dr. Robert Lupton (Author of Toxic Charity) highlighted as “Excellent Article” (download on community development).

Mr. Hernandez has also coordinated projects, developed agendas and managed budgets for tourist groups and missionaries. He also worked as a consultant for technical training of tour guides in the project Development and Promotion of SustainableTourism in the Reserve Telica – Rota.

Mr. Hernandez has presented information about the potential toxic nature of one way giving and about the C-IT methods for tourism in many churches in the United States, and was invited to present a poster at entitled International Medical Intervention; A local perspective on the impact in Nicaraguan´s health” at the 4th annual state of public health conference at UGA, Georgia – United States.


Expertise area

Community development, public health, international research, medical activities coordination.

Obtained a bachelor´s degree in Pharmacy and Chemistry at UNAN-Leon, a Master´s degree in Public Health and a Master´s degree in Epidemiology. Also he is a board member EMPOWER Nicaragua.

He began working as the coordinator and translator for medical tourism and missions teams. He works as a liaison among the Nicaragua Ministry of Health, Nicaraguan Ministry of Education, foreign health professionals, Nicaraguan based organizations and community leaders.

Mr Rivas, alone with Mr. Hernandez, presented posters and research to a variety of organizations in the USA, including the University of Georgia Public Health Department.

Mr. Rivas has devoted his work to improving the lives of Nicaraguans through empowerment by educating both his own countrymen, and well-intended supporters of Nicaragua from out of the country.